La nostra intervista su Linkiesta Gastronomica - L'altra via del cioccolato

Our interview on Linkiesta Gastronomica - The other way of chocolate

"There are things that no one would want to hear at breakfast, as soon as they wake up. They wouldn't want to hear them while unscrewing the cap of our favorite cocoa spread, ready to fill ourselves with sugar and happiness to start the day. Yet we now know it, and it is It's difficult to put on a good face in a bad situation. The cocoa and resulting chocolate supply chain is among the most polluted from an ethical and economic point of view. The inequalities begin on the plantation, where minors are often employed illegally in cultivation and harvesting operations of cocoa beans, separated from their social network and without the possibility of receiving adequate education. This is the case - above all - of West Africa, where poverty, fragility of the social fabric and internal migratory flows combine with the economic interests of cocoa processing companies. The result is non-existent labor costs, low prices per kilo of beans, and a vicious cycle that repeats itself."

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